Shaving Set - Black

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FK 1061
Shaving Set - Black

 Very affordable yet elegant shaving set with real Silvertip badger shaving brush. Ebony handled Razor and Shaving Brush with a beautiful finish.

 Consist of: -
-Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush -
-Double Edge Safety Razor Charcoal Color Finish. (3 ½ inches long, 2.2oz, a beautiful Charcoal finish with a reliable          grip) - Black Metal Stand for Razor and Brush
- Pack of 5 stainless Platinum coated blades

 This shaving set it look good on any bathrooms. and has large base with foam grip to keep your shaving stand from sliding & and tipping-over.

 We recommend that after daily use, shaving brushes are thoroughly rinsed in warm water and hang to dry in a stand.