Dovo/Merkur Travel Shaving Set Satin

$349.10 $389.10

DV 1007

Dovo/Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor & Silver Tip Brush Travel Set

 Made by world famous Dovo/Merkur of Germany, offered in a popular satin finish.

 This is a 3 piece Travel Shaving Set:    
1- Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor     
2- Dovo Silvertip Badger Bristle Shaving Brush     
3- Pack of 10 Merkur platinum coated double edge razor blades     
4- Custom made leather carrying case

 This Double Edge Safety Razor is one of Merkurs most popular double edge razors. It offers full adjustability to accommodate any beard.

 Dovo/Merkur Shaving Set you will be proud to own and use.

 Imported straight from Solingen, Germany