Merkur Travel Safety Razor Chrome Plated

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MK 1040

Merkur Travel Safety Razor, Chrome Plated

 This Merkur travel double edge safety razor, Chrome Plated is a perfect for any traveler.

 It retains the classic Merkur double edge razor head but can be disassembled and assembled. It breaks down into 4 smaller pieces and fits into a convenient plastic case.

 This Merkur travel double edge razor will fit perfectly into any carry-on or even a shirt or pant pocket, to have a quick shave at the airport or highway rest area.

 Fits all standard double edged razor blades. This razor comes packed with one double edge blade.

 Replacements are sold separately, we have selection of replacements blades to choose go to our blades category. We recommend Merkur Blades.

 Made in Solingen, Germany