Merkur Silvertip Shaving Brush 2 Tone Handle

$138.74 $135.64

MK 1051

Merkur Silvertip Shaving Brush, 2 tone handle

 Bristle Knot:      22 mm Handle Height: 54 mm Total Height:    108 mm

 2012 Merkur's addition to their finest selection of shaving brushes.

 An ultra modern silvertip shaving brush with two-tone handle. It has a chrome base and complemented with black matte stripe that makes it modern and less slippery when wet. The base of the brush is adorned with the classic Merkur logo. This Merkur Shaving brush has that exceptional blend of style and performance.

 The silvertip badger hair generates a rich warm lather, bringing sufficient water to the skin as it softens and lifts the beard and gently exfoliates for a comfortable shave.

 This Shaving Brush is ideal to use with either shaving soaps or creams.

 We recommend that after daily use, shaving brushes are thoroughly rinsed in warm water and hang dry in a stand.

 Quality you can count on as long as you have them.

 Imported straight from Merkur of Solingen, Germany