Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Safety Razor - Slant Bar

$43.78 $43.78

MK 1006

MerkurHeavy Duty Safety Razor, Slant Bar, Chrome Plated 

This Razor has Slant Bar "Twisted"

This Merkur Heavy Duty Safety Razor 37C model features a Slant Bar.

It has the same handle as the Merkur heavy classic Safety Razor lines but the head of this 37C has a unique slanted design that provides an extremely closer shave.  

Particularly recommended for those with thick or coarse beards.

The comfortable handle of this Merkur Safety Razor is short, approximately 3 inches long and designed with a thicker non-slip grip.

It is packaged with one Merkur Super Stainless, Platinum coated double edge razor blade.

Quality you can count on as long as you have them.

Imported directly from Merkur of Solingen, Germany.

This Razor has Slant Bar "Twisted"