Gillette Fusion Replacement Cartridge

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Gillette Fusion
Gillette Fusion Power Replacement Cartridges

 Contains 4 Fusion Power Replacement Cartridges.

 An advance shaving system with the technology on the front and on the back.

 The comfort of 5 and the precision of 1, Fusion Power Razor Replacement Cartridge features 5 blades shaving surface for a comfortable and precise shave. Fusion blades are spaced 30% close than the Mach3 blades cartridges.

 A Precision Trimmer blade built into the back of the Gillette Fusion Replacement Cartridges allows easy trimming of sideburns, under the nose and shape facial hair.  

 Enhanced with  Lubrastrip infused with Vitamin E and Aloe, signals when it is time to change the blade, the blue color turns to white.