Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush Faux Ebony Super Badger XL

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EJ 2082

Edwin Jagger - English Shaving Brush, Imitation Ebony, Extra Large, Super Badger

 Like other Edwin Jagger shaving brushes, these are hand made in Sheffield, England from a finest quality polyester materials and are filled with carefully selected hand graded super badger

 Super Badger is generally chosen for itÂ’s soft yet luxurious and effective lathering performance.

 This shaving brush comes stored in a matching lightweight elegant screw top tube to protect the hairs during travel.

 Perfect gift or for personal use for busy travelers.

 Best recommended, after daily use, shaving brushes are thoroughly rinsed in warm water and hang to dry in a stand.

 Quality that you can count on as long as you have them.

 Imported straight from Edwin Jagger, England