Edwin Jagger Razor Stand - Nickel Plated

$29.99 $24.99

EJ 2094

Edwin Jagger  Razor Stand - Nickel Plated

Fits a wide variety of Double Edge razors. & Straight Razors  3 1/8″ inside length, from “cup” to “fork”

Make sure that this will actually work with the ones you have though. This stand is made specifically for the double edge safety razor, metal, chrome plated. This particular stand will accommodate the following whisker whackers:

  • EJ 2016    "DE86"
  • EJ 2018    "DE87"
  • EJ 2017     "DE89"
  •                    DE89L
  • Muhle razors R89, R41, R101 and R106
  • Straight or Shavette Razor: Place the tang of the razor in the bottom of the stand

You cannot use the product with Merkur Double edge safety razors, but it will work to hold straight razors. Before you buy, make sure it will work well with the items you have or that you plan to purchase.

Made in England.