Dovo Straight Razor Travel Set Micarta

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DV 1025

This Set is Last few Shaving set available in the whole market 

Discontinued form the factory

Dovo Straight Razor Travel Set, Micarta

Includes in this set, 2 high carbon steel straight razors with Micarta handles, matching Micarta silvertip badger shaving brush, Dovo straight razor strop 13 3/4 inches, straight razor red strop paste, a Bloc Osma alum block and a shaving bowl. Comes with black leather case.

The straight razor is highly styled  with a beautifully layered Micarta handle and a stainless steel blade. . The Micarta handle exhibits it's own distinctive swirled grain pattern that is revealed after shaping and polishing. The stainless steel blade is "ice tempered" for hardness and edge holding ability. The blade is 5/8 full hollow. Finishing includes, brand stamping with 24k gold. Very simple yet elegant, the overall effect is very striking.

The shaving brush comes with Micarta handle matching the handle of the straight razor. This shaving brush  is hand filled with the finest silver tip quality badger hair. Silver tip hair is the longest, softest, most rare and the most expensive badger hair. It has a silver white untrimmed hair ends to provide a really luxurious lather and feel to shave.

We recommend that after daily use, shaving brushes are thoroughly rinsed in warm water and hang dry in a stand.  

A straight razor set that you will be proud to own for a lifetime. 

Quality you can count on as long as you have them.

Imported straight from Dovo, Solingen, Germany