Dovo Shavette straight razor (hair trimmer)

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DV 1077 A

Dovo Shavette Straight Razor Stainless Steel Handle (hair trimmer) Polished and Mat Stainless

This DOVO Shavette straight razor uses a regular double edge razor blades or the long razors, snapped in broken into half come with regular red insert and extra razor holder #201003 to use the long blades.

Come with 2 sample blades, This Dovo Shavette razor does not require any sharpening.

The red holder is designed for Dovo Shavette Straight Razor  to hold all double edge razor blades when split in half. The Black holder is designed for Dovo Shavette Straight Razor  to hold Dovo long Shavette blades.

This DOVO Shavette straight razor provides a barber shave quality without the complicated sharpening maintenance of a regular straight edge razor.

Affordable& convenient straight razor is great for somebody just started on straight razors shaving,

The blades are held by plastic inserts, Red or Green. Each color holds a different size of blades

To load the insert and blade: Unfold the razor and insert the desired plastic insert and razor blade. Includes: - Dovo Black Shavette Folding straight Razor. - Red Blade insert "holder" for Standard Double edge safety Razor blades or Dovo pre-split short blades - One Dovo pre-split (Double edge safety Razor Size) Shavette blade. - Black Blade insert for Longer Style Dovo Shavette Razor Blades. - One Dovo Long Shavette Razor Blade. - Black scalloped insert for shaping and feathering. - Protective plastic sleeve case with see through cover to store and protect your Shavette Folding straight      Razor, and pocket for blade storage. Made in Solingen, Germany.