Dovo Mammut Straight Razor 5/8

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DV 1070

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"This Straight Razors can't find it anywhere else, Has Been Discontinued form the factory"

Dovo Mammut Straight Razor

This DOVO Straight razor known as Mammut, Carbon steel razor 5/8" width, extra full hollow blade.

The handle is made from 40,000 years old mammoth (mammuthus primigenius-siberia) tusks.

We do not recommend this as a first razor, but if you've developed some skill with a straight razor and want to know how close you can get there's a good chance this will get you there.


  • Carbon steel blade 4.25mm thick at spine. Total weight with scales is 69 gram.
  • Handle's made from ~40,000-year-old mammoth (mammuthus primigenius-siberia) tusks
  • 5/8" Width
  • Extra full hollow ground
  • Mammoth ivory handle
  • Round point
  • Hex-bolt pins mounted flush upon the rear
  • Shave ready
  • Comes in a padded, black ebony display case

Imported directly from Dovo of Solingen, Germany

the dark spots may different on each razor then the photo. 

This item Discontinued, We have 2 only

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