Dovo Double-Wide Russian Leather Strop

$159.89 $132.30

DV 1033

Dovo Double-Wide Russian Leather Strop

This High Quality Strop will put the keenest edge possible on your straight razor with a minimum of effort.

All Dovo strops are ready-to-use when new, no need for complicated break-in procedures.

This high quality Double-Wide Dovo Strop is the widest straight razor strop available anywhere.

It offers an exceptionally width that permits stropping in a simple back and forth motion without the X motion required with narrower strops.

This Dovo strop comes conveniently ready-to-use with the finest quality Russian leather for achieving a professionally sharp edge. Equipped with a finger loop handle.

A good quality strop is an essential accessory for maintaining the sharpness of your straight razor, use regularly with paste.


Quality that you can rely on.

Imported directly from Dovo of Solingen, Germany