Merkur Futur Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome

$149.70 $129.89

MK 1001

Merkur -Futur - Safety Razor, Chrome Plated, Polished

 The Merkur Futur safety razor manages to combine revolutionary craftsmanship and performance in a design that retains the understated dignity of Old World shaving.

 Merkur Futur is an Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor, chrome plated, with a polished finish. Merkur's patented fine adjustment system will give you optimum results.

 This high quality, heavyweight safety razor is 4 1/2" in length.

 The innovative handle conception offers command and comfort in the grip.

 For use with double edge razor blades. 

 This Futur safety Razor comes packaged in a handsome gift box with 10 free Merkur Platinum Double Edges Razor blades.

 Quality you can count on as long as you have them.

 Imported directly from Merkur of Solingen, Germany.